Pacific Coast

04/25/2010 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

We have reached the Ocean !!

After an exact amount of 5 months on the road Paul Dorr and I have arrived at our destination. If there is one thing we have learned on this trip it is that a true adventurer has all the drive to explore but never plans on arriving. We have arrived to our one true location, our one true terminus.

I could write about 'looking-back' and summarize my experience for you but I feel like that would also take a true 5 months time. A very long story indeed. I implore you to read through our posts and make your own conclusions. I can tell you that when asked if I would cycle this again, I have replied "Yes! but let's mix it up, for I would pick a different route." Although not expecting a superior result I feel there is still too much left to see in a short time.

I am writing from my hometown of Mansfield, MA and have fully adjusted to my life of systematic alarm clocks and worldy expectations. It feels good to be home, but at the same time I still yearn for the sights not seen, the food not tasted, and the people I have yet to meet.

I hope Paul & I as well as Jo have been a true inspiration to some folks out there and I know everyone feels accomplished whether they biked or donated or even kept us in their hearts.

So I put this website to idle rest and for myself, well, hopefully just the opposite. May your bikes stay rubber side down.

~Clint Valentine